The Heart of the Home

Heart of the Home.jpg

Our homes have a heart.

During this sermon series, Pastor Brian talks about the importance of inviting Jesus into our homes and relationships.


On February 3rd, Pastor Brian launched a new series called “The Heart of the Home.” In today’s culture, there is a great lack of respect…and that lack of respect is destroying relationships. 1 Peter 2:17 emphasizes the importance of respecting one another. When respect is not a foundational part of our relationships, there are signs and our relationships suffer. We need restored respect.

Not For Couples Only

In this “Not For Couples Only” sermon, Pastor Brian focuses on the topic of purity. Hebrews 13:4 demonstrates the Biblical standard of purity within the context of marriage. However, purity is something to which we are called, regardless of relationship status. God designed sex and marriage to be beautiful. When purity is not central, that beautiful design is corrupted. The standard of purity has not changed, so we are called to bring ourselves back to the standard.

When the Bough Breaks

The question is not if relationships are going to need mending, but when. On February 17th, Pastor Brian preached out of Matthew 18 on the topic of forgiveness. In every relationship, there are times when things begin to break. Forgiveness is how we pick up the pieces and handle those relationships in the midst of the breaks.

Hope Floats

On February 24th, Pastor Brian posed the following question: “Don’t you want a life governed by hope?” No one enjoys walking into a room and sensing tension and hopelessness. Hope is based on truth, built in trial, and it blooms when it is taught.